Winter Sleep Problems + Solutions

Nothing feels better than getting a good night of sleep and waking up feeling totally refreshed. Full nights of sleep can be hard to come by though, especially in the winter. Our friends at Casper made this awesome infographic about sleeping in the winter– and how to solve all of your sleep concerns. We love their ideas, and wanted to offer you solutions at the spa for these problems too.

PROBLEM: Blue Light
SOLUTION: The Right Light
SPA SOLUTION: Digital Detoxes
Blue light from your phone, your computer screen, and your television suppress melatonin levels, which makes it harder to sleep. Spend some time away from all those electronics at a digital detox retreat at your local spa. Let them take away your phone and escape into an electronic-free bliss.
PROBLEM: Red Light
SOLUTION: Controlled temperatures
SPA SOLUTION: Sauna time
While red light is the least likely light to suppress melatonin, any light can still keep you up at night. Controlling your bedroom’s temperature can help stimulate that melatonin. At the spa, spend some time in the sauna to regulate your body temperature, sweat out all the toxins, and get ready for a full night’s sleep.

PROBLEM: Cool temperatures
SOLUTION: More sleep
SPA SOLUTION: Hot stone massage
When it’s so cold outside, the weather can actually suppress your melatonin levels and wake you up in the middle of the night! Sleep more soundly by treating yourself to a hot stone massage. Studies show that hot stone massages are a great alternative to sleeping pills– plus the heat of the stones will warm you up!  
PROBLEM: Overeating
SOLUTION: Pass on seconds
SPA SOLUTION: Digestive acupuncture
Overeating is one of the biggest problems we face in the winter– there are parties and holidays tempting us to eat, and curling up with a big plate of food sounds ideal when it’s so cold outside. Fight back against overeating with a digestive acupuncture treatment, which can help end digestive problems and get your digestive system running smoothly.

PROBLEM: High stress levels
SOLUTION: Wind down
SPA SOLUTION: Massages, facials, oh my!
Stress can be a problem year-round, and it always affects how well you’re able to sleep at night. Our favorite way to ease stress? A trip to the spa. All spa treatments help reduce stress, so pick your favorite spa, your favorite treatment, and get in some TLC for yourself. You deserve it, and it will make your nights that much more restful.
PROBLEM: Short sleep duration
SPA SOLUTION: Exercise, exercise, exercise.
Going to bed late at night and waking up early in the morning can leave you feeling drained. Setting a regular bedtime is key, but exercising is another great way to make sure you’re sleeping soundly at night. Look for yoga, pilates, or barre classes and get your daily workout in. The exercise will make it easier to fall asleep, and stay asleep.
No matter what you’re ailment is ruining your sleep this winter, combat the winter blues by getting a full night of sleep with solutions from Casper and Spa Week. Rest up, you deserve it!
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