Trailfoody Is the Subscription Snack Box You Never Knew You Needed

The subscription box service has exploded in recent years. It’s now possible to order everything from gourmet meals to luxury apparel to post-apocalypse survival gear.
To be honest, I tsktsk‘d the entire thing in the beginning. That was until I received a subscription to Cairn’s monthly boxes. Now, I can’t get enough of them. It’s become something of a strange addiction.
So, when Trailfoody reached out with a three-month trial of their Pathfinder subscription — monthly snacks to fuel my outdoor adventures — I jumped all over it.

Trailfoody Subscription Review
Trailfoody Subscription Box (May)
The Skinny
Trailfoody is exactly what it sounds like: a subscription box service that delivers a variety of healthy, hiker-friendly, nutrient-dense snacks to your door in reusable stuff sacks each month.
In their words, the company notes:
Trailfood has to get you to those special places, sure. But, we also believe that taste is part of the adventure. Each month, we select premium foods that are healthy, have the right nutrient mix for outdoor activities, and also have great taste.
Hikers with Trailfoody Subscription Box
The Traveler’s Take
So far, I’m only a month into my Trailfoody subscription. The box contents change every month, although everything has been very high-quality. Think premium dried fruit, jerky, artisanal trail mixes, energy bars, or small meals that are ready for your next adventure — a picnic, roadtrip, or even the airport — no napkins, utensils, or coolers required.
The latest example is October’s Trailfoody Wanderer box which included:
Nuun Electrolyte Lemon + Lime drink mix 10-tablet tube
Taos Mountain Bars’ Caramel Pecan energy bar
Vermont Smoke & Cure Chipotle meat stick
Bearded Brothers Mega Maca Chocolate energy bar
Gorilly Goods Jungle trail mix
Tram Bites by Kate’s Real Food
Bare Cinnamon Apple Chips
Blue Diamond Sea Salt Nut Thins crackers
Nut Butter Nation Brown Sugar Cinnamon peanut butter
For hardcore trail lovers, the entire kit above tops out at nearly 2,000 calories! More than enough to fuel a couple of solid hikes.
It’s so straightforward that there isn’t much to review beyond what’s in the box. As long as they keep delivering the same quality snacks — and I’ve no doubt they will — I’m loving it!
Even Lizzie the Vagabond Cat loves Trailfoody (and she doesn’t like anything!) …
Where’s my NOMs?!
Pricing + Availability
Trailfoody is available in four package levels (all prices in USD):
The Wanderer: Best for 1 person who takes 1-2 monthly outings — $19.95/month
The Pathfinder: Best for 1 person who takes 3 monthly outings — $42.95/month
The Deuce: Best for 2 people who take 1-2 monthly outings — $35.95/month
Family Pack: Good for an entire family who like 1 monthly outing — $36.95/month
The company promises a savings of 10-30% off retail each month. You can skip a month, change plans, or cancel anytime with no commitment.
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