Spa Spotlight: White T’s Natural Face Lift

What is endermologie?

Endermologie is a unique treatment that:
smooths skin
reduces the appearance of cellulite
plumps tired, dehydrated skin
White T is one of the first spas in New York to offer an Endermolift– endermologie applied to your neck and face. We stopped by to try it out and see the difference ourselves!
The Treatments
The best part about an Endermolift is that it can be applied to any area of your face and the estheticians at White T will help focus on your problem areas.  Have a double chin? They’ll work on your chin and neck. Want plumper, Kylie Jenner lips? They’ll focus on that.
Another popular Endermolift treatment is the Hangover Facial, which includes endermologie to plump up your face. The Hangover Facial is a great recovery treatment for anyone, not just those of us who drank a little too much last weekend. This treatment is also extremely popular for frequent flyers– it helps your skin bounce back after a long trip.
An endermolift is great for… 
Major events: Nothing will give you results more instantly than this treatment. It really is a natural face lift.
Anti-aging: Inna, one of White T‘s owners, says: “Nothing is better than prevention. Once the damage is done, you can spend as much money as you want…” The endermolift is one of the best preventative anti-aging treatments around.
Inna says: “An Endermolift every other day keeps the plastic surgeon away.” This treatment helps sculpt or smooth your skin, making it a great alternative to going under the needle.
The Details
The estheticians at White T recommend 6 Endermolift treatments to start– these treatments will smooth and sculpt your skin to help any problem areas. After that, you can come back about once a month to maintain your results. White T is offering a deal exclusive to Spa Week readers– 6 treatments for $550. Book your package now and you’ll start seeing results right away!
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