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Treat Your Body for Spa Week

Spring Spa Week is almost here and that means it’s time to get your body ready for summer. With regular facials and multi-step morning and nighttime regimens for our faces, sometimes our bodies can be neglected. This Spa Week, spas are pulling out all the stops to make sure that […]

Our Top 10 Spring Spa Week Treatments

Spring has sprung and we could not be more ready– or excited. Warmer weather, cuter outfits, and floral scents everywhere we turn… spring also brings one of our favorite events of the year: Spring Spa Week. Coming up this April 16-22, spas across the country will be offering select services […]

Treat Your Body & Your Spirit with These Spa Week Specials

Spas aren’t just for cleansing your skin or curing your stress! Many spas across the world preach holistic wellness with their services– they offer education, relaxation, skin-care, and so much more. We’re seeing a lot of spas start to focus on spiritual wellness this year– incorporating balancing and spiritual cleansing […]

Spa Week Trend Alert: The JetPeel Spa lovers are always looking for the newest way to feel refreshed and renewed. One of the biggest trends we’re seeing in the industry lately? Customization of services and products. Spa goers have gotten so smart and savvy, we want everything to be personalized for our specific skin– we […]

Spa Week Trend: Cannabis

This year, we’re noticing an unexpected ingredient popping up in spas across the country: CBD oil. CBD is short for cannabinoid, a chemical compound derived from cannabis. While these treatments won’t get you high like weed, CBD can reduce inflammation, pain, and symptoms of anxiety. It also can help prevent […]

Kiss Winter Skin Goodbye this Spa Week

Spring is technically here! March 20th marked the beginning of the warmer season, but we haven’t seen too many signs of it yet. We’re still bundling up to go outside, applying extra moisturizer to help fight dry skin, and blasting the heat in our offices. Hopefully by Spring Spa Week, […]

Win a $1000 Gift Card To The Spa! Enter Now

When Spa Week rolls around from April 16-22, we’re so excited about the $50 services our spas across the country are offering. It’s hard to imagine a better deal that luxury spa treatments at the highly-discounted $50 rate that you get them at during Spa Week! We’re giving you something […]

Spa Week Trend: K-Beauty

Korean Beauty is taking over the world and for good reason– innovative techniques and new ingredients are changing the skincare and beauty industries for the better! Here are some of the hottest treatments of the year: At Tikkun Skin Care in Torrance, California, the 10 Step Korean Glow Facial promotes flawless, […]

Spa 101: Can I Get a Facial While Pregnant?

Here is everything that you need to know about which facials are safe for you to get during pregnancy and which ones you want to steer clear of. As your spa & wellness experts, we get a ton of questions about the skin benefits of a facial. Today, we wanted to […]